The 2023 Marketing Trends for your Business

The 2023 Marketing trends for your business are mainly influenced by the content and updates that are distributed throughout Europe and the United States. It is also true that we have learned to adapt our content locally to the Mexican consumer experience.

These are the next marketing trends that could particularly occur in Mexico in 2023.

Marketing Trends for your business » BLOG 12

  • We will see some brands plan efforts on TikTok. And although we refuse to understand this social network, this year it rises to unify efforts not only of advertisements, but also related to content. During 2022 we have seen that the seed ofdoing marketing on TikTok has been planted. During 2023 we will see that many brands will try to do content on that medium.
  • There will be more openness to other digital media. I think it will be very important during 2023 and in the coming years, to think of a plan to open our strategies to other digital media such as LinkedIn, Pinterest or TikTok. Even others like Spotify or, in some special cases, Twitter. I think we‘re at the point where we‘re discovering that we put all our eggs in one basket with Meta or Google. This also requires us as agencies and professionals: because sometimes we are so used to doing campaigns on those media that we forget the others: sometimes we forget that this is part of making a good strategy at all levels.
  • Good time for BTL strategies. In general all offline strategies and / or the crossover with the digital will be very effective. The rationale behind it is something we are living today, where there is aresurgence for shopping in malls, in physical stores and everything related to getting away from the digital. I think this trend will continue in 2023: making offline efforts will be a good way to generate greater engagement, brand presence and sales directly. So at the slightest provocation, plan and execute everything related to PDV: activations, expos, trade marketing, among many others.
  • Betting more on “Brand Experience”. Creating live content for digital channels. It is not about making an expensive production to advertise on TV, but creating an immersive brand experience where quality content is generated that can connect directly with its customers. Not only that, but also that they can interact in real time. In this sense, brands that create this type of experience gain greater loyalty, reach, interaction, among many other things.


In the coming years, there will be a series of new marketing trends for your business that your brand must take advantage of. It was also noticed that technology will be a decisive medium for companies to obtain a positive and tangible impact. So we must keep in mind to listen, design, test, measure and adjust always taking into account the objectives and the vision of the customer.



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