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Most people, when they hear Digital Marketing, usually think of Google Adwords or paid Facebook posts. Others associate digital marketing with electronic transactions, and while the main result is to increase sales, this is more of a consequence than a purpose.

Therefore, Digital Marketing is a process by which brands and companies obtain information about the market, their users, and their competition. This information and data allow them to connect with their potential customers effectively, at the right time, and with an offer better than their competition; and as a result, achieve an increase in their sales.

This makes it essential not only to segment the audience but also to communicate with them effectively.

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Well, with these 5 secrets, you will be able to implement your own digital marketing plan for your businesses.

Secret #1: Understand Your Audience.

Understanding what they require, how they search for it, why they search for it, and, most importantly, the benefits you offer them.

This is probably the most difficult task, as to answer these simple questions you must obtain information from your own users. I would like to emphasize that understanding our customers is the primary objective to design our strategies and approach them effectively.

Fortunately, digital platforms offer us enormous help. If you already have a website, it’s important to have a Google Analytics account. This tool allows you to know all the information about visitors to your website, from the number of daily users to the type of search they performed to reach your website. A very comprehensive tool for obtaining data from your users, and best of all, it’s free! If you still don’t have your own website, what are you waiting for?

Secret #2: Keep Your Website Active!

It’s extremely important that we are always attentive to our website. It must be in constant evolution and renewal to fit the needs and searches of our users. Joe Pulizzi defined content marketing as a technique whose objective is to create and share valuable content to attract the attention of a specific audience with the purpose of turning them into future customers.

And it is precisely on our website where we must implement this content. To achieve the greatest connection with our visitors, it’s necessary to have a clear understanding of our audiences in order to generate attractive content.

Secret #3: Don’t disappear from social media!

It’s crucial to have a continuous and recurrent presence on social media. This is relevant to establish a relationship with our customers. These platforms are the best medium to provide post-sales service and to share new content that is uploaded to the website. But keep in mind that social media was not created for transactions or negotiations. That should be done directly with a trained seller from the company. These platforms are used for exchanging information and customer experiences regarding products and services. So, should you save time on social media? The answer is no. These tools are not meant to promote sales, but to drive quality traffic to the website. In addition, in these spaces, it is easy to locate the profile of potential users with all the information that is offered. Therefore, the main objective of social media is to drive quality traffic to our page.

To do this, a good way to achieve it is through paid Facebook advertising. This tool allows you to segment the audience by showing ads with various formats. Although it should be remembered that, although it is paid, it does not guarantee the acquisition of prospects for sales. The real magic happens when the traffic reaches our website.

Secret #4: Don’t talk to customers, talk to people

The fifth essential secret to succeeding in the world of sales is to talk to people, not customers. This means that your marketing strategy should be focused on providing information and relevant content for your target audience, with clear objectives and a personalized and growing database. The next step is to contact these individuals and classify them according to the information you have collected.

One of the best methods to communicate with them is email, but you must be careful not to send massive messages with unsolicited advertising, as these are often categorized as spam and directed to the trash without being read.

Instead, you should create email marketing campaigns, sending personalized content that is useful for your audience. This means that your strategy should take into account the specific interests of your potential customers.

In conclusion, to carry out a successful electronic marketing scheme, certain key steps must be followed. First, research deeply to determine the best approach. Second, be patient and wait for long-term results. And finally, maintain a persevering attitude and work hard to achieve the desired results.


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