How to choose the Name of my Business

What is naming and how to choose the name of my business?

We all had a name given to us when we were young, and it‘s annoying when someone doesn‘t remember it, it‘s too common or they call us by another name. Well, the same happens to brands and companies, they have to be given a name, that process is called Naming and is part of the Branding of a brand.

When you need a product, what brand do you think of first? The brands that you remember and come to your mind immediately have succeeded in their marketing strategies, but they also have the great success of having positioned their name appropriately.

Currently, it is considered vital to choose the right name from the outset, so that it is a strategic factor for the audience to identify with or be attracted to, that it tells the story of the company and that it contributes to making it more competitive.

In addition, the brand name (naming) becomes a protagonist, as it guides communication and identity efforts. Therefore, you should make sure it is an attractive name, easy to remember, pleasant (consider that it will be repeated many times) and that it speaks about your business; in this way it will be easier to position it in the consumer‘s mind.

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It is important to take into account the fundamental characteristics of the naming to develop this process:

  • Timeless: avoid anchoring in a specific time or period.
  • Distinctive: that it differs from other names, especially from your competition.
  • Notorious: that it provokes interest or generates links with people.
  • Audible: that when said it sounds good, has rhythm, is powerful and easy to pronounce.
  • Memorable: that it is simple to retain. Flexible: that it can be adapted to different circumstances.
  • Believable: that it is coherent with the brand.
  • Legible: that it can be read well. Positive: that it avoids negative associations.
  • Global: that it can transcend the whole world.
  • Reliable: that it arouses a positive feeling.

First and foremost, naming is strategic and requires a wide communication capacity. Some experts in the field even consider it an art. Therefore, it is of vital importance as the first step in the design of a brand.

If you don‘t feel sure about how your brand name should be directed, write to us. At Akira we will be very happy to support you in this process, it is also one of the most fun and complex stages when creating a company or business.

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