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Creative Agency Franchise
and Digital Marketing

AKIRA offers you the opportunity to have your own Creative and Digital Marketing Agency.
Therefore, we give you the necessary tools so you can operate it.

How does it work?

By owning an AKIRA Franchise you will be able to market our services and earn income for each of them which are listed below:

  • Digital Campaign
  • Social Media
  • Organic Seo
  • Web Page
  • B2C Online Store
  • B2B Online Store
  • Amazon Management
  • Brand Design
  • Video and Photo
  • Production
  • Ecommerce Marketing
  • Real Estate Marketing
  • Hotel Marketing
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Why invest in an AKIRA franchise?

Our franchise is perfectly designed for new business trends.


Low Cost

We designed our franchise model to be acquired at low cost, because we know that as an entrepreneur you only need a push to start your own business.


Easy Operation

Thanks to our standardized processes the operation of the business is very simple and only requires a virtual office, coworking or the office where you currently operate.


Growing Market

Nowadays, creativity and digital marketing are essential in any company, therefore, our services fit perfectly.


Return on Investment

Thanks to the high demand for our services and recurring revenues, our average return on investment is 7 months.

Contact our expansion specialist

In AKIRA we are ready to serve you, we want you to be part of our franchisee network, send us your contact information and one of our specialists will contact you.

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